Some feedback from caregivers and clients I have worked with:

“Anna was really outstanding in helping us get ready for the birth, and in providing excellent emotional & physical support during & after labor. She played an invaluable role in helping me have the birth I wanted to have – I don’t think I could have done it without her!”
– M.J.

“Anna provided me many books during my pregnancy to help prepare me for labor. We discussed these books and really, through these discussions, I was more and more excited about a natural/home childbirth. She made me feel empowered and like this was a natural act I was born to achieve. During labor she helped me keep smiling, laughing, provided compresses, assisted in keeping me fed, hydrated… she kept [my husband] confident.”
– M.M.

“Anna was fantastic! Very compassionate & attentive while remaining calm & non-invasive. She was essential to my husband who I think would have been at a loss without her.”
– R.M.

“Anna was a pleasure to work with. Her bright energy and skill were a significant contribution to the labor and birth we attended together.”
– Ellah Ray, LM, CPM

“Supportive, skilled, and her presence was a great addition to this birth”
– Beah Haber Pederson , CNM

“Anna was fantastic. She has great instincts, a professional but warm demeanor, and worked well with everyone.”
– Lisa de la Fuente, CNM

“Aside from Anna’s “sweet presence” at this birth, she really was an essential contributing member of our birth team. Anna takes direction really well – assisted in responsibilities, with our direction, confidently and comfortably.”
– Amrit Khalsa, RN, Midwife, IBCLC

“Anna was a wonderful, warm, positive support; consistent and very respectful and thoughtful.”
-Leopi Sanderson-Edmunds, CPM