Hi! I’m Anna, mom of two, lover of nachos. I’m a seventh generation Northern California resident, born, raised, and living on on coastal Miwok and Ohlone land. 

I’ve been attending births at home and at Bay Area hospitals since 2009. I received my birth doula certification through CAPPA, and did my postpartum doula training with Cornerstone. I’ve taken extended education courses through Birthways, the Bay Area Doula Project, HAND of the Bay Area, Rachel Cargle, and East Bay Lactation Associates. More recently, I trained as a Childbirth Education Facilitator with Cornerstone.

I have a large family, and around my house growing up babies and birth were just another part of life. I spent countless weekends and summers during my teenage & adult years caring for my new-parent siblings and their new babies. I’ve always felt called to magic of pregnancy and birth, so attending my first birth felt like coming home.

My personal experience as a parent of two leaves me with a profound respect and appreciation for the miraculous undertaking of growing, birthing, and parenting a child. We deserve to be be surrounded by a trusted, kind, knowledgeable support system as we embark on our parenting journey. We CAN do this work, and – as with many of the most challenging things in life – arrive at the other side empowered and joyful.

Most days you’ll find me hanging out with my kids: reading, hiking, biking, digging in the garden, reminding them to pick up after themselves, the usual. I’m passionate about positive communication, empowering birth experiences, minimizing my carbon footprint, equity, supportive parenting, high quality free public education for all, and gun violence prevention. I believe in the transformative power of community, and in showing up for others.