Beliefs & Approach

My job as a doula is to support you in having a satisfying, empowering – even joyful! – birth, whatever that may look like for you.

We’ll work together to get you to that place by putting together your labor tool box: tips, tricks, information, & physical exercises that are geared towards preparing you for a positive birth experience. There are many things you can do before labor begins to put yourself in the best position possible for a happy, satisfying birth!

Partners: Doulas are great for you, too! I encourage & protect the connection between you and your laboring person. I help translate medical lingo so you can make informed choices. I keep track of the logistical details (laboring positions, making sure everyone is staying hydrated, eating, etc) so that the two of you can rock your birth together without worrying about the details.

If this is your first baby, we will also spend time in our prenatal appointments covering what happens after a newborn moves into your house: a general overview on new baby & new mama care, as well as recommended reading/resources to help those first few weeks pass smoothly.

If you are already a parent, we’ll talk through strategies for welcoming a new baby to the family so that the transition is as smooth and happy as possible for older siblings (and their parents!).

For a great summary of the research on how doulas contribute to shorter, healthier births with better outcomes for both mamas and babies, check out this article on The Evidence for Doulas.